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Voice from the Vineyards

Our vineyard at Vinifera Wines

As a viticulturalist, winter means the start of another growing season. The previous vintage is put down to experience & the challenge of the next begins with pruning. It’s an exciting time, especially since the last vintage was lost to frost in mid October 2013.

We ran organic sheep in most of our wine blocks during winter dormancy. They very successfully chewed down most of the pasture, in turn helping reduce the vine’s competition for nutrients. The vines have been pruned back hard to increase quality and decrease yield. Now the sheep are roaming elsewhere. Hopefully all the frosts are finished, the sun is warming the soil for a good (although late) even budburst & all fingers are crossed for a sensational season.

Paul Stig (Vineyard Manager)


Croquet, Badminton and Jenga at Vinifera Wines

Indulge in a game of Croquet, Badminton or ‘good old fashioned’ Jenga. Fun for the whole family!

Avaliable here, on the sun-drenched lawns at Vinifera Wines 7 days a week!

About Vinifera Wines

Vinifera wines ( the botanical name for grapevines) specializes in Spanish red grapes ( Tempranillo, Garnacha & Graciano). We have multiple awards over the years especially for our sweet ( Botyritis) Easter Semillon & our rich Cabernet Sauvignon & elegant smooth Chardonnay. We are a small family run vineyard , Organic ( in transition) & based in Mudgee Central NSW. BBQ facilities, colocation with Mudgee Gourmet & Baker-Williams Distillery may Vinifera Wines a must see in Mudgee.

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